Allow Me To Introduce Myself...

    I’m Jae! Yes, I know that's the most unoriginal name ever. Most people are super confused when I tell them my name is Jae. It’s like they are waiting for me to mouth the rest of my name. My full name is nothing shy of “original”: Jecha Shamir Dangerfield. Yes, before you ask… my last name is really Dangerfield and no unfortunately I’ve never met Rodney. People are often so fascinated by my last name they forget to read my first name and once they finally see it they are scared to even take a shot at pronouncing my first name. I’m quite used to it. After being present for many years of roll calls waiting for the painful pause shortly before hearing… “ Uh, Miss Dangerfield” or after ordering my daily dose at Starbucks to receive a cup that reads Jacob, I’ve gotten past being annoyed. My name is pronounced Jay-Shuh. Not Jeshay, Jecka, or anything of the sort. However, since that seems to be the hardest thing for anyone who meets me to grasp you can just call me Jae.
      I guess it's only fitting that I tell you a little bit about myself other than my name. I'm a twenty-two year old Louisiana native living in the city of Baton Rouge. I currently attend Louisiana State University where I am a junior (plus or minus a few years) in graphic design. I'm a art fanatic that loves just about anything creative. In my spare time I draw, paint, and write. I've decided to finally take the time to write (and sometimes obsessively rant) about the things I love and am a passionate about! Writing to me is a fun way to express your thoughts better than actually saying them aloud. I've always had a habit of writing in journals and making little stories so why not find the time to write about other subjects I'm intrigued by? I can't wait to see where this journey takes me and I hope you enjoy reading along as I go.


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