Actually Using a Planner

If you're anything like me staying organized is one hell of a task! It's a lot of work but in order for me to keep my head on straight, I have to remain organized. I'm am now a super organized person (Surprising, I know). However, it wasn't always so pretty...

*blur into clouds and flashback begins*

 I remember having about seven journals and three planners going at once simply because I bought them based on how they looked. If it was cute had and clever saying in gold foiling I was sold! The design of a planner is still important, but I realized the covers weren't the issue. I didn't ever get bored with how they looked I got more so annoyed with the designs and layouts of the actual planning portion of the planners. There never seemed to be the right balance of space for to-do lists or upcoming dates. The whole time I had been picking planners for the wrong reasons. I then found three amazing planner brands that changed my entire way of organizing.

If you aren't super picky about your planners but you would like to be able to choose your own layout or cover Erin Condren is a great choice! They don't take super long to be created just how you'd like. There are three different layout styles and numerous cover options with small personalization. It includes weekly and monthly spreads and is perfect for a little organization!

If you are a super planner ... Plum Paper has some of the best planners! One of my favorite things about this brand is that you can customize your planner when you order it from their website. They offer six different layout options! They also have planners for fitness and teachers!  If you like to plan your days by hour, you can choose the "Hourly Layout". If you like to organzine tasks by which part of the day (such as morning or evening) you can choose the "Morning, Afternoon, & Evening Layout". You can personalize the cover with your choice from their bright patterns and even add your name on the front. It's also super convenient to buy a new one if you're at an odd ending point in your old planner because they allow you to start at any month! 

My absolute favorite planner is The Happy Planner from MAMBI! Since I am left handed I had a little bit of trouble using the previously listed planners simply because the spiral binding gets in the way of my wrist when I'm writing. (Seriously, if you're left handed I know your pain!) So once I stumbled upon this gem I fell head over heel for its binding. YOU CAN REMOVE EACH PAGE!!! I was thrilled! This made it so much easier for me to decorate, doodle, and plan! This brand also has a vast array of accessories for your planner such as note sections, home planners, to do list, stickers, and binder covers. If you can think of an accessory they most likely already have it for you. Another great thing about The Happy Planner is if you're completely stumped on how to decorate or customize your planner they have tons of DIY tutorials available on their website. I also love that I can chose to order this planner online or pick up any of the items in my nearest craft store. Here in Baton Rouge, both Michael's and Hobby Lobby carry The Happy Planner and some of its accessories! 

Since learning my planning habits and figuring out how to actually use a planner fully I have stayed with The Happy Planner. I use it all the time! I pop sections in and out and it looks nothing like anyone else's. My friends actually ask me all the time in class if I have my planner because they like to look and see what else I've added.

Here are some pictures of my personal planner:

If actually using a planner hasn't worked for you in the past don't feel defeated. Ask yourself if the planners you've been using actually work for your lifestyle and planning style and check out these amazing brands! It can make a big difference. 
Happy Planning


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